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Sunday, August 31, 2003


Like Raging Dave, I have been on hiatus for a short while and now I am back to pick apart the leftist trash that litters America with its foolish ideology. Let the cleanup begin:

Since I am a California resident, for now at least, I have followed the California recall since its inception on local talk radio in San Francisco. Initially, I did not support the recall for several reasons.

1. Recalling Gray Davis does not fully address the real problem - the radical California legislature. Don't get me wrong; I have no affinity for Gray Davis. To any reasonable person, it is clear that Davis is a Clintonite twit who does nothing in the face of serious fiscal problems only to spend his energy blaming Enron, Bush, Republicans, the War in Iraq, just about anything for our problems here. The real problem in California and one that will not be addressed via the recall is that the citizens have elected a European style leftist state assembly and senate. Instead of putting the brakes on spending and figuring out ways to solve the state's problems, they are busy passing laws that give driver's licenses to illegal aliens and mandate that every employer must not discriminate against cross-dressers. It's nice to know that Harry can wear a dress to work in Utopia.

2. We voted for this lout and we should have to pay the consequences of our decision. If Californians are politically moronic enough to hand the state over to the radical left, then we should be accountable for our decisions.

3. I am not sure any governor can right the ship so long as the legislature is controlled by the radical left, therefore, as a partisan I would rather see a Democrat get the blame for their policies than a Republican who will invariably be blamed by the left and the press, as will fiscal conservatism, when he is unable to fix things. This is obviously a purely partisan reason and I can easily subordinate that to my desire that California have a strong economy.

So I did not sign the recall petition based on these objections. Now that the recall is a reality, I will certainly vote to oust Gray Davis. The recall will be viewed by the national media as a referendum on California liberalism, especially if Davis escapes recall, and I don't want to be silent when California decides whether to partially rebuke the radical political machine that has put us in such a fiscal cesspit.

What is emerging as more interesting to me, and certainly something that has been covered all over the blogosphere, is Democrat Cruz Bustamante's membership in Mecha - a radical left wing Mexican separatist group whose charter documents support a racial cleansing of the land they perceive to be rightly Mexican, Azteca.

While the behavior of the KKK clearly goes beyond what Mecha has accomplished, there are some striking similarities between the odious ideologies of both groups. One significant difference is that in today's left wing media a political candidate found within 50 feet of a confederate flag has some explaining to do to the race hustlers, while a Democrat candidate for governor of California can be a member of a racially hostile group, fail to renounce its extremist racially pure positions, and get a pass.

In an interview on Saturday with Tony Snow of Fox News, Bustamante had four opportunities to renounce the popular Mecha slogan "Por la Raza todo. Fuera de la Raza nada." Translated, this means: "For the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing." (Charming. Another shining example of leftist tolerance. There is much debate as to whether this phrase is actually the Mecha motto or not. I do not have the answer to that, but I can tell you that it is a slogan found in their foundational documents.) I watched this interview and rarely can I remember a politician so shamelessly ducking a point-blank question. At one point, Snow said something to the effect, "Look Mr. Lieutenant Governor, I think this is pretty much a softball question, I am asking you whether you renounce the motto of this organization to which you belonged that says 'For the race, everything; For those outside the race, nothing' and you are not addressing the question." He completely evaded the opportunity to renounce this racist statement. I would think that even Mexican-Americans would find this individual troubling.

Read the El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan. Two examples are here and here. If you peruse various university Mecha organizations' websites you might notice that many of them are giving 404 errors. It seems due to the attention, most of it negative, this is giving Bustamante, the incriminating sites are being pulled down. How's that for the courage of one's convictions?

Do yourself a favor and read the plan. I think you will be stunned that California could actually have a governor who can be attached to this agenda and not renounce it in the strongest terms. Any fair observer will also realize how biased the media is. Any Republican who at any point in their life belonged to a white separatist organization and does not renounce white separatism would be subject to a 24/7 media jihad, and rightly so, until they were beaten into politically conventional submission. This is a clear example of how the media frames the issues that are politically relevant and uses their leftwing bias to pick their crusades.

For some other links about this issue:

Mickey Kaus
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Tacitus sums up the past 10 days or so on this issue. Read through the comments at the end. It's a great example of how the ideologically corrupt liberals, even those who are ostensibly non-Mexican, will defend this group and Bustamante.

It's clearly too late for Bustamante to CYA and renounce Mecha. He had every opportunity to do so within easy forums and, stunningly, refused. One must wonder if this recall is not more about the degenerate left in California rather than the Democrat Governor who sends the state down the river.

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