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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Following up on Raging Dave's post about corruption and unions in Philadelphia politics, I am reminded of this story:

Adams was part a large Clinton protest and held a sign calling Bill Clinton a 'Liar, Pervert, a National Shame.' Teamsters wearing 'TEAMSTERS FOR CLINTON' t-shirts approached Adams. Int'l Bhd. of Teamsters Local 115 boss John Morris reportedly 'marked' Adams for violence by placing his hat on Adams' head. Then several Teamsters kicked and punched Adams. He suffered two black eyes, bruises, and a concussion. The incident was videoed by TV news cameras.
National Legal and Policy Center -- Organized Labor Accountability Project

That's pretty much the way it went down. There was guy protesting against Clinton and he got attacked by union thugs.

More interesting was the next day, when Mayor Ed Rendell, now the Governor of Pennsylvania, had his PR guy comment in a press conference. When asked about the incident, Rendell's press secretary shrugged and said: "Disagreeing with the Teamsters can be bad for your health."

Hardy har har.

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