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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Finally we get to find out: Are they anti-war, or just anti-Bush?

I am so sorry, Gentle Reader, that I am inundating you with ClarkTalk.

But I do have one more, and it's a doozy.

Which brings us to Gen. Wesley Clark, commander of NATO during the bombing of Serbia. Except in the sense that all wars are civil, Clark did not fight in a civil war. Instead, he led an invading force of imperialist invaders in the cynical dismemberment of a sovereign nation so that the avaricious plutocrats who hold NATO's leash could feast on the corpse of its economy. Like both Goering and Harris before him, when Clark's military campaign stagnated he turned in his impotent rage to slaughtering civilians. Warriors kill other warriors. Cowards kill women and children. This despicable coward shames every American. Think Herman Goering, but this time with smarter bombs and bigger allies. That's Wesley Clark, terrorist, coward, and war criminal.
What does terrorism mean? | October 2, 2000 | Nessie Files

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