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Sunday, September 07, 2003

The .380 Semi-Auto

Isn't a very big round. In fact, my little .38 Special would knock it flat. The .380 is designed to be small, compact, and discreet, but not powerfull. Got it? I hope so, because Spoons has found an entire newspaper that doesn't.

There. Even if you knew nothing about firearms before today, you now know more than the entire staff of the Chicago Sun Times. To wit:

A gun made for plainclothes cops because of its big firepower and small size was the weapon Salvador Tapia brandished Wednesday.

Big firepower. I doubt most reporters would recognize big firepower if it shot them in the ass.

And if you haven't been following this story about Salvador Tapia, he committed murder with a .380 semi-auto pistol in Chicago. Gee, Chicago, with some of the most stringent anti-gun laws in the nation? THAT Chicago? Just how did a career criminal get a gun in Chicago, for gosh's sake?

I won't post the rest of the article, but it's a good one. The last half makes me seem calm and composed, if you can believe that.

Update: The Smallest Minority comments on it as well.

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