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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

As a followup to Dave's essay on On Sensible Forest Management, there's this regarding ecoextorters and their rancid methods.

Another activity of the Alliance has been its attack on Staples. In a fund-raising letter, it called this company "the largest forest destroyer in the South" and said the office supply chain was responsible for filling up the nation’s landfills with forest products. The letter demanded that Staples stop "financing the destruction of forests" through its buying, marketing and selling of paper products. Mike Hardiman, Public Interest Watch’s president, accurately notes that "This is not education. It’s extortion." Indeed, PIW doesn’t challenge the Alliance’s right to advocate its agenda, but rather its violation of the rules they agreed to when they received their tax-exempt status.

The Dogwood Alliance has partnered with groups like the Ruckus Society, perhaps best known for the mayhem they organized on the streets of Seattle during the last World Trade Organization. Using the Ruckus Society, the Alliance has funded protests, intimidation and "direct action" against Staples stores and customers. Staples caved in, agreeing to the Alliance’s demands. In December 2000, the Alliance turned its attention to Staples’ competitor, OfficeMax, threatening to unleash its storm troopers on them.
Capitalism Magazine: The Tax-Exempt Destruction of our Forests by Alan Caruba

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