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Friday, September 05, 2003


As a follow-up on Tim's post about the Spoons experience, here's Kim du Toit's take on all of it. It includes this quote, which has chills running down my back:

I remember reading about a passionate gun-rights guy who, back in 2000 planned to vote for Al Gore. When asked why he was going to do that, he replied: "Because if the country's going to be disarmed, I'd rather it happened sooner or later, and because I'd rather fight that battle than have my son fight it."

Now, far be it for me to call someone else alarmist, but has it come to that? Has the pedulum swung so far to the left that it's not heading back to the right at all? Has American society fallen that far and that hard? And to make my day really complete, I went over to the Rottweiler and read what he had to say.

I know where I stand, and that is why Dubya the Pandering Pimpweasel had better hope that his endless blowjobs for the Loony Left have bought him a replacement vote because, unless he rediscovers his roots and realizes what conservatism is, he can't have mine.

This is something I'm going to have to think reeeeeeeeeeally hard about. I refuse to vote for Dean, because I think that would just send this country down the shitter. Anyone who would hand away American sovereignty, raise taxes, and put more socialist programs in place would wreck this country. But is GWB any better? I mean, let's look at what has happened recently. The USA is allowing the UN into Iraq. Do we really want a replay of Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosavo, the Congo, ect.? GWB is supporting the assault rifle ban. More restrictions? These bans have gone past restricting weapons with certain FUNCTIONS, and now they're just going after guns that LOOK scary! I mean GEE, those rifles with BAYONET STUDS are just sooooooooooooooooo dangerous, right?

And then there's the Estrada fiasco. One highly qualified, well liked, top-shelf judge that the Publicans allowed to sink. This should have been a claws and teeth fight on the floor every single day, and the Pubs let it die. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Where the hell is the backbone we saw just a year ago? GWB didn't win support by allowing the Donks to have their way, he won support by showing strength! But he's let that support slip out of his hands, because he won't use it.

There's a serious problem in this country, and I can't find the answer.

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