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Monday, September 22, 2003

And More Good News

Before the soldiers arrived, the school had broken or missing windows, dilapidated wooden doors, no curtains, broken desks, no heat or air conditioning, no running water and chalk boards sitting on the ground, West said.

That was inside the school. Outside, the courtyard was barren, with no playground or area for the children to have fun.

“There was literally nothing there,” West said.

The battalion used the funds to hire local workers to make the school someplace where children would enjoy learning.

The $45,000 repairs were completed in five weeklong phases, West said.

The phases involved installing new wiring, plumbing, a playground, air conditioning, and heat and having water pumped into the bathrooms. The workers also repainted walls, built brand new desks for the students and brought in six new computers.
101st gives kids chance to learn

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