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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's time for me to get back on my high horse and start checking the news. Went to Fox News (Yeah yeah yeah, save the "eeeeeeeeevil media empire" bullshit) and the first thing that caught my eye was this, regarding Emperor Clinton's last minute executive orders about public lands. Now, I don't know about you, but the last group of people I want in charge of land usage is a group who has shown their incompetance and complete lack of understanding about land usage. The US government and all their lackeys, in short. There are reams of papers that I could write about how horrible the Klintoon's Klown Brigade executive orders are, but the bottom line is this: The moment you stop the legal use of private land by said land's owner, you are no better than a communist police state. Bush is pissing off quite a few of the people who voted for him in 2000, and he's counting on the fact that the Donks aren't going to put up a viable alternative to keep him in office. And the sad fact is he's probably right. But Bush needs to re-learn who elected him in the first place.

Speaking of the Dimmy Donk Nine, from Fox we find a report on John Kerry's plan to help states with deficits. The short short version is that he just wants to give the states money.

"His new ideas include sending $25 billion to states struggling with budget deficits under Bush administration policies that put the interests of the president's "buddies and big shot campaign contributors ahead of the people he passes by in his motorcade," the Massachusetts senator said."

I have a better idea, you miserable, worthless, non-working, over-inflated twit: MAKE THE STATES BALANCE THEIR DAMN BUDGETS! I know it might be a novel idea for someone like you who's never done an honest day's work in your entire ill-begotten life, but it's what the rest of us normal people do! We don't spent more than we make, otherwise we go bankrupt, kind of like your political ideology! And since you decided to bring class warfare into your little speech, it's time I reminded you of the fact that you frigging Donks get your money from unions and other rich leftists, while the Republicans get their money in tiny little doses from individual voters. Only with the new campain finance laws put into place by the Donks, they can't get the big money they used to get from the uber-rich. The result, you ask? The Donks are screwed. Isn't it amazing that when the big-time soft money donations were outlawed, the so-called "party of the people" lost 70 GOD-DAMNED PERCENT of their disposable income? Do you still want to play your little class warfare games, Mr. I'm-rich-and-never-worked-a-real-jop-and-then-I-married-into-even-more-money-and-only-talk-to-the-little-people-when-I-need-to-bullshit-them-for-their-votes? I'll tell you one thing, if I had to vote for someone based on their non-political activites, I'm not going to vote for some over-primped bloviating sack of excretment who sits around sipping chardonnay and trying to schmooze his way into Martha's Vineyard. I'm going to vote for the man who spends the day in the hot sun trying to remove an invasive stand of non-native trees from his ranch.

Y'know, now that I think of it, ol' Dubya's plan seems rather feasable. Just do nothing and wait for your opponents to cover themselves in shit. By the way, Donks, when are you going to release the figures on your average donation size? The 'Pubs have already done so. It's an average of $57 per donation.

Remember that post about the congressional bill requiring congressional approval of SF operations? It seems that the report was a little selective in how it was leaked to the press. But I'm still not convinced. Bear with me for a bit, if you will.

"It's a terrible example … of politics being played with your safety and mine," said Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt. "This is a way people try to stop the momentum we need."

But others said presidential oversight of special operations will insure that the military and commander-in-chief are in sync on clandestine activities.

"That's basically a paper trail so the commander doesn’t get hung out to dry if he gets caught," said founder John Pike. "If the thing fouls up, the president can't say 'What idiot authorized this?'"

Look folks, it's simple Any mission that SF gets sent on came from somewhere up high. And that SF mission is part of a larger mission, which comes from up higher. Demanding that the president review and OK every single SF mission would result in nothing but stalled and failed missions. If you honestly think that the president is clueless about what is going on with his military, you're a bloody idiot. The government states that they don't want to restrict the SF. Fine. Great. But I still want to see whoever put that wording into the original bill, preferably strung up by their hoo-hoo dillies.

"All it takes is one person without the best of intentions somewhere in the political hierarchy to send them on a rogue mission and nobody knows about it," Haney said, pointing to the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s as a prime example of too many CIA rogue operations gone bad. Congress changed the oversight process for overseas covert operations after Iran-Contra blew up

We're not talking about the CIA, you overgrown wart on the military's anus. We're talking about the Special-by-god-Forces of the United States Army. They aren't meeting shady characters in some back ally of Bagdad, they're blowing shit up, rescuing people, and killing our enemies, all of which require that they be sent on a moment's notice, not when some professional politician decides to give it to the President for his "by-your-leave" authorization. Got it? Give the military a mission and then step the hell back while they complete it.

Where do they get these morons? Why the hell are they in power? I don't trust them for a second. And I'm not going to just sit back and think "Whew, we're OK, it's been denied." Because we're not OK, not by a long shot.

And last but not least, there's someone who visited the Holocaust Museum in D.C., and thinks that we need another museum for the lives lost to communism. It's an idea that I can agree with.

That's all for now. See ya later when I get ticked off yet again.

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