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Friday, August 29, 2003

Dem Dirty Dems

You'd think the California Left would be just FROTHING to remove this Gray Davis fella, after hearing this:

A new study released today ranked metropolitan areas nationwide by the highest number of days of unhealthy air pollution levels from 2000 to 2002.

The area with the most, a total of 445 unhealthy days, goes to Riverside-San Bernadino. Fresno comes in second place, and Bakesfield comes in third. Los Angeles-Long Beach ranks number four, and Sacramento is fifth.
California: home of the FIve Most Polluted Cities in America.

The scientifically-challenged wacko environmental lobby are really kind of odd, aren't they? First they march to try and save Saddam Hussein's ass, even though he may have committed the most harmful environmental crime EVER in 1991. Now they are doing all they can to keep California in Democrat hands, despite the environmental destruction heaped upon their great State during the Gray Davis regime.

(seen on AlphaPatriot)

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