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Tuesday, July 15, 2003


I do not doubt former Defense Secretary Perry's conclusion that war may be inevitable with North Korea this year. We cannot live with a maniac, hell-bent on destroying the West, madly replicating nukes.

But here is where Perry shows that he just does not get it, and for that matter neither does the rest of the Left, when he says:

"My theory is the reason we don't have a policy on this, and we aren't negotiating, is the president himself," Perry said. "I think he has come to the conclusion that (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Il is evil and loathsome and it is immoral to negotiate with him."

Does Perry forget about the Agreed Framework? His boss and that foreign policy wimp Jimmy Carter already tried negotiating with Jong Il and they were snookered big time. If you replace the word "immoral" with "counterproductive" or "useless" then Perry will have gotten it right. Unfortunately, I think he speaks for 35% of the country who just does not get it. You cannot negotiate with people who have already deceived you based on your previous negotiations. Moreover, it becomes pretty difficult to apply international pressure on anyone when this 35% of the country is trying to tear the country apart and discredit our foreign posture with the asinine notion that Bush intentionally lied and misled to bring the country to war.

All these Democrats have proven, if they have not proven it many times before, is that the country would not be safe under their leadership, and that they really have no real understanding of the threats we face in the 21st century. For the good of the country, it's time to marginalize these power hungry zealots.

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