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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Smacking around the "Bush Lied" crowd

Good morning everybody! A couple of new links for ya, found as I was reading National Review Online.

First up, an article about how the Left is slitting it's own throat as it screams "BUSH LIED" The normal Leftist supporters won't even blink at the damage being done to the Donk party, because they're part of the problem. However, the middle votes, the Swing Votes if you will, are taking notice. Blind partisan hatred doesn't get you very much.

Next up, an article taking on the Bush critics. It's an excellent piece, so I'll just give you a quote and let you read the rest.

"Such hyperbole, of course, ignores the fact that the President's
statement was actually correct
. The Brits had indeed concluded that
Saddam went uranium-shopping in Africa -- a practice utterly consistent with his
pattern of seeking to import from wherever he could weapons of mass
destruction-related technology, materials and know-how. Indeed, Britain
continues to stand by this assessment based on multiple sources
notwithstanding the dubious provenance of one particular document that purports
to confirm a specific uranium sale to Saddam's Iraq by Niger."
(emphasis mine - RD)

I'll post more a bit later, once I'm finished reading the news.

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