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Thursday, July 17, 2003

A Mark Steyn gem:

The "But here’s a much more pertinent question than whether BUSH LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!: how loopy are the Democrats? One reason why the President, in defiance of last week’s Spectator, is all but certain to win re-election is the descent into madness of his opponents. They’ve let post-impeachment, post-chad-dangling bitterness unhinge them to the point where, given a choice between investigating the intelligence lapses that led to 9/11 and the intelligence lapses that led to a victorious war in Iraq, they stampede for the latter. Iraq was a brilliant campaign fought with minimal casualties, 11 September was a humiliating failure by government to fulfill its primary role of national defence. But Democrats who complained that Bush was too slow to act on doubtful intelligence re 9/11 now profess to be horrified that he was too quick to act on doubtful intelligence re Iraq. This is not a serious party. "

I entirely forgot about the Aspirin factory in Sudan. While I had my suspicions that Clinton didn't care whether or not the building was housing nerve agent, I hardly thought he was perpetrating a fraud. He was doing too good of a job of that with a civil rights sexual harassment lawsuit.

It's no wonder that the Democratic Party is the home of Jerry Springer...

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