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Wednesday, July 02, 2003


It's Wednesday! I'm heading out after work today, and you won't see me until Monday the 7th, if not later. So, I'm going to leave you with a few good articles today.

From Random Nuclear Strikes comes a few interesting articles. First up is a Kuwaiti official critisizing the Arab parliments for failing to condem the mass graves found in Iraq. It's an interesting article, and one that highlights one of the many reasons that the Arab world is looked upon as a medevil culture. Another post, an add on to my post from Monday, is an article about the Anti-GM lobby in Europe, and it goes into greater detail as to how Europe is allowing Africa to starve. The more I read about this, the sicker I get. Europe seems to be falling farther and farther to the Left, and consequently, farther and farther into irrelevancy. Note to any Britans who may read this: There is still time for you to tell the EU to piss off. Don't allow the EU to drag you down with it.

Also from RNS is this piece about the Canadian Navy. Folks, this isn't funny anymore. I used to make jokes about the current size of the Canadian Armed Forces, but this is far past any jokes. When a nation's military is unable to continue it's mission because it's understaff and underfunded, it's a serious problem It's sad to see that one of the worlds most feared forces in WWII is now a shell of it's former self. A shell that is unable to continue operating without much help.

Following up on yesterday's post, the US is sending troops to Liberia (Posted on, but no article as of yet). As I stated before, I think this is a good thing. Nuff said.

And last but not least, something that got my blood boiling over. When I went to, one of the articles listed is an ad for ABC's World News Tonight. The tagline?

Should the government have the power to take away your right to read?

The fact that this is even a debatable issue shows just how far to the left ABC has gone. And it makes me sick.

See ya later.

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