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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Happy Thursday, everyone.

Now that I actually have a break from working, I can post a little bit. I've been pulling at least one overtime shift a week, due to the fact that we have no people. Literally. One person is out with a pulled hamstring, one person just retired, and we're covering a 24/7 duty with five people. Not good times, BAAAAAAAAD times. Tired times.

Anyways, on my daily rounds, I found a few articles from that I'd like to bring up. One article is by Alan Reynolds, and is about state tax rates. The other is by Bruce Bartlett, and it pertains to "the rich", that mythical class of people who get blamed for every revenue problem. You've heard the mantra "tax breaks for the rich!" Well, the rich pay the most taxes. Specificly, the top 25% of taxpayers shoulder most of the tax burden. But the left seems to have a problem with letting those people keep the money they make.

Another article, by Suzanne Fields, exposes (yet again!) the hypocricy, ignorance, and intolerance of our nations liberal universities. I could write for days about this, but I'll just let you read the article.

Unless you've been living in a hole for the past few days, you know about the Mississippi shootings. A Lockheed-Martin employee walked into work and blasted five of his co-workers into the great beyond, and injured several more. Now, at a memorial, this man's girlfriend stands up and says "Don't criticize this man. He was human too ... don't exclude him. He was a victim, too. ... He was a kind and loving human being."

Victim? Kind and loving? I'm sorry, but kind, loving victims DO NOT walk into work and start shooting! Kind, loving victims do not threaten other co-workers, as this man had done in the past! Anyone who starts randomly shooting their co-workers falls into the "definately NOT a kind loving victim" catagory, OK?

Maybe if someone had pulled him aside earlier in life and said "Cut the crap, OK? Life sucks. You have to make the best of it, and not blame other people." he wouldn't have flipped his wig when he did.

That's enough for today. Enjoy!

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