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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Happy July, everyone. Three more days till we celebrate our nation's birth. I'll be on vacation in Oregon from Wednesday night till Sunday night, so that I don't have to listen to mindless drones pontificate on how horrible America is. There will be speeches given in downtown Seattle on how America is imperialist, ect., ect., all the crap I've come to expect from the loony left up here. And people wonder why my blood pressure never falls below 140/90.

But on to todays news! From Random Nuclear Strikes comes a wonderfull article explaining the "Palestinian Right of Return", and why such a thing is unmitigated bullshit. I'm sorry for the harsh language, but I'm still shocked every time I hear some ignorant idiot spout off about how the Jews "stole the land". As Analogkid says, take some time to read it. Bookmark it. And whenever some barking moonbat starts screaming, print it out and beat the moonbat over the head with it.

Both the Washington Post and Fox News have this story about Liberia. It seems that the USA has now been asked to send a peacekeeping force to that country, which is embroiled in a nasty civil war. Personally, if we have the troops available, I think we should go. But the Army's Fun Meter is pegged right now, and I honestly don't know if we have the troops to spare. With all the spending going on in DC, you think the goobers in Congress would get off their duff and slide some cash towards the military. Either that, or finally pull our boys out of Germany and put them to good use. They way some of the EUropean countries have acted towards us, pulling our troops out and letting the EU take care of their own defense is making more and more sense to me.

North Korea is barking again. They say that if we don't kowtow to their demands, they will take "merciless retaliatory measures" against us. I say let 'em. And let me explain why:

If North Korea pulled the trigger, I have no delusions about the damage that would be done. There would be nothing but scorched earth for thirty miles north and south of the Korean DMZ. But there is no chance in hell that North Korea would win a war. Their Army is starving. Their equimpent is out of date. And their military structure follows the old Soviet structure. And the Soviet structured army gets it's ass handed to it time and time again when it faces a Western army. So it's not a matter of losing this war, it's a question of how much damage are we willing to accept from winning it?

Once we have that question, we can compare it to "How much damage will occur if North Korea remains unchecked? How much damage will occur if we kowtow to little Kim?" And the answer there is much, much more than a short war. Keep in mind that this is a country who sells missiles to just about anyone. This is a country where the farmers are living on boiled grass, while fat Kim eats his way to another 50 pounds. This is a country who would collapse if not for the money and food coming in from other countries (All of which is labled "Tribute to our Dear Leader" once it hits the Nork's warehouses). This country is a parasite on the modern world. Let it die. The damage inflicted will be much less than if we allow this country to continue on it's current path. My disgust with those who would willingly accept a vile, treacherous, lying, communist dictator as an alternative to war knows no bounds. Does anyone in their right mind think that Kim Jong Il won't sell off a nuke once he builds it? This is a man who has violated every treaty or international rule he has signed. (The Korean War Armstice was signed by his father, I believe, and he's willing to violate that as well). Only idiots would take this man at his word. (Yeah, I'm talkin' about you, Jimmah!)

I personally don't believe it will come to war. China knows that if Kim Jong Il starts a war, it won't be two months before US troops are in Pyongyang and stationed on the Chinese border. And that worries them very, very much. So let the little Kim blow and bluster. But do NOT, under any circumstances, give him what he wants.

And last but not least, the Donks have finally come out and said it. They're at war with the Republicans. It's nice to finally have this out in the open, since they've been at war with the Republicans for years. It's time the 'pubs woke up and realised that fact.

More later. Go read that article now!

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