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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Got another link for ya

from the DANEgerus blog. Let me give you the money quote.

As I previously posted... the (D)'s used to get big bucks from the few ( that's called elitism ) and the PAC's of Lawyers ( people who like to argue over bad laws ), Public Employee Unions ( people who like economy crushing public spending )...
While the (R)'s get a lot of donations from many people... Gore got 80% of his money in 2000 from 16 sources.. Bush got 80% of his money in chunks under $ 200.

Now... for 2004, Bush is raising money the same way at a rate four times that of the Dummocrit9 combined. Rural America is responding to Bush just as they did in 2000 and Urban America isn't responding to the Dummocrits.

Of course the Dummocrits are even more hysterically crying that the (R)'s are the party of the rich... while the numbers prove it's the (D)'s that are in fact exactly that.

I can't say this enough. Look at the red states in America. Hell, just look at the midwest, most of which voted for Bush. This isn't Manhattan or Malibu, folks. These are the conservative heart and soul of America. They're not rich limosene liberals, these are people that come home sweaty and dirty after a hard days work. This is "flyover" country.

And we won the 2000 and 2002 elections.

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